Learning to Succeed!


This was a fantastic article, demonstrating the difficulties of running and operating your own business. While some may think this was a story of failure to success, it really shows you that failure was a stepping stone to look at a new opportunity! 
Are you looking for that stepping stone to break free in your life? If so I invite you to take a look at Forever Living Products the number one Network Marketing Business in the world. 

  • Almost 40 years in the industry 
  • Cash rich & debt free
  • Opportunities in over 155 countries
  • Multi-billion dollar company
  • Family owned
  • Willable
  • High quality consumable products
  • No annual fees or Sign up costs
  • Highly rewarding marketing plan. Average paid out is 11% earned on the retail value! Others typically are 10% and paid out on the wholesale value!

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Are you on the right train?

Today We stopped far short of our destination. Leave the train there is a malfunction. People murmur sad stories and some laugh as they trip along the way to the exits. Standing on the yellow dirty bumps eagerly to jump back into the cars. Pushing and shoving to get back to the front. I stand still for a moment. As one shoves by, glares back with discontent as I do not join them. Probably wondering if I have some hidden knowledge of what’s to come? Three trains pass and yet I wait. This train is now a local this train is now going express… because of early problems all trains are running with delays. Still I wait. 
I breathe and look at the faces of people who are late for life, and once more I plunge back into the NY minute. My friends do not believe I am being rude or non social it is a moment of lapse as I try to ground myself in a world where so many have sold their greatest commodity, “time” for a job. My frustration lies in the fact that I have not been able to help enough people to step out of this environment. 
 I write this message as a reminder that a job will not feed you, clothe you or give you a roof. Only you can do that! So the next time you are on that crowded train and asked to step off smile and wait for the right train to come, because it’s your hard work, your skills and your time that will provide the abundant life you seek. 

Forever Living Products

Another excellent video released by Forever Living Products. I have been using these product since 2009 and have always seen how amazing they are for all levels of fitness. Primarily Forever Living Products are known for their excellent weight management and cleanse series (clean9 & Fit15), but we are much more about the overall health of all. This is just another excellent video that shows how Forever Living Products is making a difference in this Professional basketball players career. For more information on products or to order visit aloe4miracle.flp.com or email davidchihiro@flp.com

Change Brand


I love this video, Woody Harrelson hits one of the key reasons why my family has decided to stop using the majority of name brand items. Companies we have all grown up using have known that certain agents they have used causes cancer and various health issues but continue to use these ingredients because it’s simply more expensive for them to test and research their own products.

Like I said that is why I use Forever Living Products, this company doesn’t have to pay Billions of dollars to advertising companies instead they are able to re-invest their profit back into the products and with those that are sharing these products.

Forever Living Products mind is on the end user since we don’t have advertising we strictly go by word of mouth and if thats the case you have to make a product that supports the end users.

“I had been looking for a tooth gel that was non abrasive and didn’t  contain fluoride.” Aloe Tooth Gel meets both of the requirements and additionally has helped with gum care and overall mouth support. Safe for all ages to use! That is just one of the many products that inspire me to support what Woody is saying. If you don’t like the situation or quality you have to be the change otherwise it’s the same old thing.

Just to name a few more products that Forever Produces that care about the end user are;

Sonya Makeup:

-Does not contain parabens, potential irritants, carcinogens, neuro-toxins, or hormone disruptors.

-It DOES HAVE natural ingredients such as aloe vera, fruit extracts, white tea and superior moisturizers, which gives back to your skin helping to rejuvenate and moisturize your skin like never before.


-Contains no aluminum salts
-Does not stain clothes
-Can be used directly after shaving or waxing


Hand and Face Soap:

-Is biodegradable, pH-balanced and non-irritating, it is mild enough for daily facial, hand, hair or body cleansing, and is suitable for those with sensitive skin. This doesn’t just clean the skin it moistures so people with rough hands or cuts can return their hands to the softness that they once had.

Are you ready to switch to a better brand, a brand that creates products with you in mind? FOREVER LIVING PRODUCTS

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How to choose a network marketing business

Today’s post is about choosing a network company that works for you. If you read my last post about the pitfalls and opportunities of owning your own business I alluded to the many benefits of owning your own business as opposed to working a job. But let’s be honest with one another there are many ways one could earn money, but for me network marketing was the only opportunity that gave me the flexibility I needed and did not require money to start. 

I’m glad I decided to wait to write this post, because today I gave a presentation about my company and this gave me lots of inspiration to write this article. Every time I give a presentation my favorite part is explaining the power of network marketing and seeing the reactions in people’s face. Some people for the first time in their lives are finally given information that can effectively turn their life around and beyond.

Okay let’s say you are considering network marketing, so how would one choose a company that is good for them?

The four things that should be considered are;

Product/ Service


Compensation Plan

Support system

Product or service I provide has to be something I am proud of and can stand behind. While the service industry is great I personally prefer consumable products. Most of the products I am selling people they are already using something similar so all that’s left is for me to explain the benefits of my products compared to theirs. One advantage I have noticed is that often the products and services that good network companies offer are far better than those currently on the market. 

When choosing to sell products I ensured that they were not duplicatable by other companies (they are patented), I ensured that my products had a modest return policy, and I made sure that my products were certified. I.e. Kosher and animal cruelty are just a few of the qualifications I required. Once I found something that matched my needs I purchased/ used the product. I wanted a test drive before I made a decision to go full in. 

After I believed in the product/ service I looked at the company. My concerns were  does the company have a long history, Does the company have a strong financial track record. Is the company debt free/ cash rich, does the company have an experienced staff and what are people like the Better Business Bureau, Direct Selling Association saying about the company. 

Next thing was for me to asses the compensation plan. Would it allow me to earn a reasonable amount of money while working part time? And once I got better at the business would it be possible for me to go full time and earn big? The last question was how long would it take for me to start earning money? 

Lastly when deciding a network company I needed something that has a strong support system. Having a support system allowed me to save time by simply implementing what is already working in my company. And also this was vital in the beginning as it gave me help to better assist people while I was still learning the ropes. Does the company offer training, does the company have a website to plug into and does the company host events? These were also vital questions for me when looking at a support system. 

In conclusion now that you have taken the time to find a network company that works for you, understand that all real Network marketing companies take hard work and determination to succeed. And the fastest way to be successful is to first be a student then become the teacher. Often people fell in Network Marketing because they try to re-invent the wheel and eventually burn out, but if you treat this business with respect the opportunities are endless. 

As always enjoy the journey and have fun doing the things you love to do! 

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Be your own boss

(Where will this life take us?)

This article is about the opportunities and pitfalls of owning your own business. Before we go into the different business models we need to understand why people want to be their own boss. 

In my case I thought it would give me the following.

  • More money
  • More Time
  • Control of my life

Those key concepts above were important to me because of the lessons I learned from being employed. Raised with the idea of getting a good job and working harder is the motto in my family. And yes, working harder is good for personal growth, but should only be the catalyst to jump start your career. In my life I took pride in working harder and used this thinking to move up the corporate ladder only to get slapped with harsh reality. The more I got paid the more taxes I paid. I learned this the hard way of course. My last job I worked double shifts and grabbed up as much overtime as possible. I ended up almost doubling my normal paycheck! Great!!! No, not great because that tax season I ended up moving into a higher tax bracket and in the end after paying my taxes I essentially got paid the same as I would have without all the overtime. So what did working harder get me? It got me more taxes and more tired, what it didn’t do was give me more wealth, time or control of my life. I was allowing my job to steal my dreams from me. Because I thought if I worked harder I would have more money the following year to spoil my family and do the things I was dreaming of doing.

So was working harder at a normal job the solution for me? Not even close, and that’s when I started to think about other career choices. My initial thoughts were;

  • Get a better paying job
  • Invest more in retirement plans
  • Purchase real estate

But as time went I realized none of those ideas would give me the things I wanted either. “Getting paid more” would give me my time back without all the overtime, but still I would be paying higher taxes and working years for only a few days of freedom. 

“Retirement plans”, yes it is nice to save for the future, but what about now! I am working myself into the grave then when I’m in my late 60’s I can finally travel to all the places ive dreamt of, and hopefully I was able to save up enough to do that because most people aren’t able to live this kind of life and are dependent upon social programs to support their life, or worse they end up going back to work! Ahhhhhhh!!! That will not do at all. 

“Purchase real estate” many people have found success right. I could buy a small property and fix it up and turn around and sell it, but to do that I need to have a sizable amount of money saved up first, and with each sale comes the tax man. Was the risk worth the effort? The housing market is not a sure thing as we once knew it.

That’s when I realized my thinking needed to further evolve! My family motto no longer served me. If I wanted to get out of this cycle of working more and paying more there has to be another way. I wondered how are others getting their lives back? This question led me to research several business platforms, and has changed my life.

  • Traditional business owner
  • Stock market
  • Franchise owner
  • Investor
  • Sells/ Network Marketing 

In college when I was going for a degree in business, I was fortunate to have a professor who owned several McDonald Franchises. For our final we had to come up with a business plan and present it as if we were asking a bank for a loan. I learned with this final that openning a business was more about stepping into a heap of debt first then working my butt off to get out of debt and hopefully after 5 years be able to break even. I would also have to know how to be a leader, business owner, marketing pro, advertiser, tax accountant, and provide customer service in my case. While I am sure these things are achievable my learning curve has to be quick. Don’t like that idea at all specially since my business depends on it. My professor suggested owning a franchise! Established business model, established marketing and advertising! She then mentioned she was able to do so because her parents opened up thier first franchise many years earlier. Now to purchase a franchise is an astronomical cost and not an option for me. In addition owning these types of business would not give me the time freedom I want. It certainly didn’t give my professor her time back. 

Okay so owning a business and franchise were not the solution, so next I spoke with an stock market professional. His advice was save some money and invest a little here and there while still working a job. His key to success was selling his stock whenever the value of his stock would raise or fall 12%. He said this was a slow process at first but eventually led him to becoming rich. Excited with the idea I continued to inquire more. Slowly I realized it was more complicated than that. He researched constantly about each stock and the market. This part time job had become his life. Night and day he spent it in front of a computer waiting for the percentage to hit 12% just to start over again. This life style did not excite me nor did I see how he was much better off as his taxes were very high. 

So I jumped into network marketing right, wrong. I didn’t see how going door to door would give me much of anything other than longer hours again. Yep, back to work my wife and I went, we worked harder and harder and eventually we got sick. My wife had a brain tumor and I was 250lbs, only 60lbs over my recommended body weight, but what could we do? Lucky for my family we were introduced to a product that changed our lives, a product that I had never seen, and from a brand I knew nothing of. All I know is that my family and I were able to buy back our health. We continued using these products for the next 4 years and shared our story with others. Then we realized that is what network marketing is all about. In 2015, we started a business that I thought I wouldn’t ever do and boy was I wrong to not have done this along time ago. My requirements I wanted from a business if you recall were; more money, more time and control of my life. What I didn’t know is all the other things that network marketing  would give me in addition! These additional things have actually become the fuel for my success in this industry.

  • Work with like minded people
  • Help people get thier time back
  • Help people get more money
  • And help others to take back control of thier life.
  • The more people you help the more you are helped.

What!!!! Helping others gets me the same thing I want isnt that so amazing and the best part is the harder I work the more I make with no limits/ no caps ever. So why aren’t more people doing network marketing then? Simply, there are no short cuts! Good thing my family’s motto is work hard! Secondly, most people who start a network business don’t appreciate what they have. Starting a network marketing business costs very little or nothing at all to get started, so they simply don’t put the same effort into thier business as they would if they owed the bank a large sum of cash if they failed. The final reason many don’t succeed in network marketing is because they don’t learn the trade. Most people don’t understand network marketing is a business and like any business you need to know how to lead, and how to be a professional in our industry! The great thing is this business allows you the time to learn and it doesn’t take forever to learn the skills needed to be a pro. 

How has my life changed since being with network marketing? I am not financially free yet, but I have been able to leave my job and return to college to study what I love. My monthly income is reoccurring and constantly growing because I have taught enough people how to do the business and instead of working 40 hours a week I now only work 12 hours a week speaking and working with like minded people. My team is surrounded by positive, excited and driven individuals who are all striving to live a better life! This is how I always dreamed my business would be and now it’s happening. 

Network Marketing might not be for you, but it has been one that my wife and I are proud to be apart and know that if you are looking for away to break out of your routine, willing to work for it, and willing to learn it this can be the answer for you. 

In the end having as many assets as possible is the key to having residual income, which can be established as a business and can be tax write offs. Robert Kiyosaki better explains this in “Rich Dad Poor Dad” that being able to pay yourself before being taxed is fundamental in our current economy. Why is that? Because even if you make more money the business write offs offsets the tax increases. Allowing for growth in your business and more funding to establish further assets creating residual income and financial freedom. The rich keep getting richer because they understand these concepts. 

My next article I will write about is how do you know if the network marketing company is right for you. Until then happy holidays from NYC. 

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A beautiful weekend

One of my favorite times of year is fall, the changing of the leaves and how refreashing the air feels. We joined another business owner this weekend in Connecticut and I realized just how much I enjoy my business. We met with a wonderful couple who recently sold their traditional business to do Forever Living full time. 

You may question why someone would leave a successful business behind to start a network marketing business, but after only a few minutes it was clear to me why they did and why so many more are doing the same thing. “Time” while yes only a business can be lucrative not having the time to enjoy it what’s the sense. 

So anyways, we shared our success and lessons learned and really just enjoyed talking with others who share the same inspirations and motivations for a better life. 

Network Marketing is not an easy business to be in, it takes hard work and being creative, but the payoff is like no other. Helping others to get back their time or earn money to finally send the children to get a better education are only a few of the wonderful achievements people are discovering with network marketing. The question is network marketing right for you?

For more information about what I do visit http://www.aloe4miracle.flp.com