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Turndown the lights!


“Turndown the lights, stop the yelling and give me a few minutes I have a headache,” as you quickly take headache medication to ease the pain. Does that sound familiar?

While serving in the military I took a blunt force impact to the top of my head and since that day I would have weekly debilitating headaches. For years I was missed diagnosed until one day a neurologist took a closer examination and determined that I had thunderclap headaches. Thunder Clap Headaches show up randomly, come on very strong and leave you feeling like your in a hangover.

So when one of my fellow Forever Living Business Owners recommended I apply heat lotion to my temples I got a little curious. How is heat lotion going to solve my headaches? Nevertheless, I quickly applied the heat lotion and after 5-8 minutes my headache was gone without the hazy side effects of the medication. In addition to that if I am stuffy or having allergies I place a small amount of heat lotion into a bowl of hot water and breath in the heat lotion and propolis cream which helps decongest and release pressure from the sinus headache. So now I keep a bottle of this at work and one handy at home.

Why does Forever Living Heat lotion work so well? Unlike other heating creams my lotion has aloe vera added to it, which allows the cream to penetrate into the pores and deliver the relief where it is needed faster and more efficiently.

Currently, I still haven’t found away to prevent the headaches from coming on though, but for now at least I found another way to treat them without using heaps of medication. Over the years of researching my own headaches I found some interesting facts that can help with other types of headaches so if you are someone who suffers from headaches here are some possible remedies. Here are some of the common reasons why we get headaches;

  • Cutting out or taking too much of a certain food or beverage such as sugar, coffee, chocolate, soda and various other junk food may lead to headaches.
  • Skipping meals.
  • Fatigue.
  • Extended computer use or reading in low lit rooms.
  • Not drinking enough water.
  • Not getting enough nutrition in your diet.

Now here are some that you might not know about;

  • Studies show that women who are obese are 35% more likely to have headaches, and those who are severely obese have an 80% higher chance for headaches.
  • People who are anxious or obsessive in ritual  may also be headache prone.
  • Sex, or other physical exertion may lead to headaches. (more common in men)
  • Sleeping too much on a weekend because it messes up our sleeping routine.
  • Certain paints you use in the house based on their fumes may cause your headaches.
  • Working out releases endorphins which may help prevent headaches.

In additional to the previous items there are certain foods that can help subside or trigger headaches.

Things to eat;-2 Things to eat;

In conclusion I hope that my suggestions help you to stay off headaches, or be able to quickly treat your headache without using medication. For more information about ordering Aloe Vera Heat Lotion or product information please check aloe4miracle.flp.com for assistance.